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Alex Irving 14 December 2005

The Bridge of Dee Junction is appalling. It's frightening to think that this is the main trunk road from Edinburgh to the North East of Scotland, among other things it is a busy route carrying all the freight for both the North Sea Oil and Fish industries.

The Scottish Executive refuse to do anything with this junction as they are planning the Aberdeen Bypass, commonly referred to as the Western Peripheral Route, which in itself is a pointless name as an eastern route is impossible thanks to the North Sea. Aberdeen City Council cannot do anything with the junction as it is part of the A90 so falls under Scottish Executive control until the bypass is built.

The main problem with this junction is not actually the bridge; I think it is the close proximity of the two roundabouts at either end of the bridge. The northern roundabout is next to a newly expanded Asda Wal-Mart Superstore, Boots, Currys, B&Q Warehouse, Sainsbury's (expanding to compete with ASDA) and a dry ski slope. It is also the main access route to the local area of Garthdee and Robert Gordon's University Campus. Aberdeen City Council have a knack of placing pedestrian crossings about 20 yards from the exit of roundabouts, and they have done this on every exit from both of these too. This means that one pedestrian can cause the whole roundabout to lock up. Add to this the 10 buses an hour that cross the northern roundabout between Garthdee Road and Holburn Street (A945), you have one hell of a mix up.

My suggestion would be a second bridge alongside the existing one. There is plenty of room on either side - I would opt to flatten the 'Gillies Lair' bar as the food and service is terrible. Secondly I would remove both of the roundabouts and replace them with traffic lights that allow each direction to go separately.

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