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Mike Wilkinson 3 February 2011

January 10 - yippee! Apart from a bit of remedial work on the northbound exit slip from the M1, looking good! Access to Ridgemont bypass improved and MK-Bedford traffic nicely segregated from J13.

January 11 - spoke too soon. They have now closed the old J13 bridge to eastbound traffic. There is a lovely diversion - although technically this should be renamed as a scenic route as it sends you several miles down the new A421 towards Bedford, round the Morston Moretaine roundabout and back to the Salford road. I fear some drivers are actually stuck for the rest of eternity on this diversion, as they miss the original signs up the A421, wander round the roundabout at the old J13, go up and down the A421, miss the Salford turn off, and start all over again.

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