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Nick 16 October 2010

I live in Kingston and would make agree with pretty much all of this - what is not metioned here is that there is also no access to the A3 Southbound from the A243 - this catches me out time after time. Its ridiculous that the main Southbound route out of Kingston & Surbiton does not then connect Southbound with the main Southbound route out of South West London! And every time you forget this and turn right the roundabout you end up flying off down the A309 to Claygate & Esher and having to crawl past Sandown Park and thru Esher to get back on the A3 at the next junction!

Would also concur about the local access road - I use it frequently when coming in from A3 northbound and it involves cutting accross merging traffic, braking hard and then performing a very tight turn at slow speed. Dangerous! Its still better than the alternative of staying on the A3 for another mile then crawling thru Tolworth.

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