Old A3 Codger 22 June 2017

From a flat SE of the Toby Jug roundabout I watched the underpass at that junction being dug/built. My dad had a shop 100 yards east of what was then the roundabout. As a schoolboy at Tolworth Boys Secondary (ground floor of what is now Tolworth Girls in Fullers Way North) I also watched the Ace underpass being built. The excuse given by the powers-that-be for NOT connecting the A243 to the new (1970s) Esher Bypass (south/west bound) was that it would increase the volume of traffic on the A243. So instead they lumbered Esher with traffic which should be consigned to the new A3 - dumb or what?
Personally, these days from Chessington where I now live, I use the A243 (southbound), the B280 and A244 to access the Esher Bypass/A3 (causing increased misery to the residents of Malden Rushett and Oxshott).
A link from the A243 to the A3 south/west bound would be a logical and relatively simple matter (though expensive at today's prices) requiring no major bridge works, and would ease congestion on a number of surrounding roads, junctions and towns.
However, to eliminate the two lane (in both directions) bottleneck under the 'Ace' underpass would require a prohibitively expensive and far more imaginative scheme, which I believe would be possible if there was a will.
It would involve dropping the north/east bound A3 into a three lane tunnel (roughly where the A309 link currently joins it), so that it continues under its present alignment, at the same time removing the link from the A309 at that point (more of which later). This tunnel would re surface adjacent to the Tolworth Recreation Ground (rear of Tolworth Girls) where a strip of land would be acquired to provide a joining slip road from the 'Ace' roundabout which would run above the new tunnel to this point and swing out onto the strip of land as the main road rose to the surface, enabling the two to merge. This strip of land only needs to be two lanes wide.
This would also allow for a widening to three lanes of the south/west bound carriageway, which would also run above the new tunnel as there would now be ample room through the current underpass. (Yes, I know. The new tunnel would have to go very deep because of the dip in the underpass, but if they can dig Cross Rail under the city of London, a tunnel under the 'Ace' would be a breeze.) There would also be room through the underpass to accommodate a single lane slip road from the A309 in the opposite (north/west bound) direction. This would merge with the (north/east bound) slip road from the roundabout near the Fullers Way North junction where the slip road currently merges with the A3 (Though preferably a bit beyond the Fullers Way junction to eliminate the dangerous crossovers mentioned by previous correspondents).
While all this was being done, modern drainage would have to be installed to take care of any flooding problems.
No houses would be lost. Only a small strip of (unoccupied) land two lanes wide would be acquired. Traffic congestion would be eased. BUT, a lot of money would have to be spent.

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