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Jim Higgs 6 June 2008

I don't have any ideas for altering this junction, I only know something needs to be done and quickly. I came down the M6 today and got off onto the A14. The queue on the A14 slip road stretched back almost onto the M6. In the few minutes I waited several cars joined the slip road far too late and in front of me when I thought I'd got on at the back of the queue. They had to force their way in. Fortunately the lorry in front of me had left a reasonable gap between himself and the vehicle in front but when three cars one behind the other tried to get in, the back offside corners of these cars were left sticking out onto the inside lane of the M6 with lorries missing them by inches. With cars in the outside lane of the M6 the lorries have nowhere to go. One large lorry attempted an emergency stop before his momentum took him just past the tail end of the cars. What on earth do they think they're doing! Most of them wouldn't say boo to a goose but put them in a car and they think they're on a mission worth risking the lives of they're families, they're selves and everyone else! Unbelievable.

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