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Tom Yarwood 27 August 2008

Is it just a co-incidence that the Catthorpe interchange is first on your list of bad junctions? In this Olympic year [2008] it gets my gold medal award scoring well on inelegance and inadequacy. It's the epitome of what is wrong with our 'get away with the minimum' attitude to transport infrastructure. Sadly the London Olymics will have passed before this junction is improved to the standard it should have been made to in 1994. Despite never having used it, the winner in the sheer clumsyness catagory has to be Switch Island and I take your word for it that is overloaded so it gets my silver. As the Olympic triumph was by 'Team GB' I cannot leave out Scotland and having been held up for 40 mins there the Sheriffhall roundabout on the A720 should get the bronze, if only it had a flyover to hang it from.

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