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Boris 7 April 2010

On a good day (well, probably night) you could in effect travel from the extremities of Ecosse at speeds of up to 70mph, all the way to the southernmost furthest flung seaports along the Channel (or Wales.) However, where else within the galaxy could one locate the bulk of all ex/import traffic heading to or from the nations busiest container teminals, stationary, at one of the busiest crossroads in Europe?

Solution - seeing as most drivers crawl through the 30 or so yards between the M6 and A14, or are exiting either side of the M1, I suggest we take a leaf out of the Blackpool Corporation's book. If you have ever experienced the illuminations from your vehicle, you'll have noticed at either end of the promenade, a team of collectors, with giant plastic hands. The object being to retrieve any contributions made toward the upkeep of the lights. If every lorry driver bunged in a zloty or two, we might get a flyover by 2050, or some nice neons to while the time away.

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