East of England

A120 Little Hadham Bypass 25 February 2019

Construction of a new single two-lane road to carry the A120 around the northern edge of the village of Little Hadham. At present the A120 passes through the village and along a length of narrow road that is single file and operates with traffic signals to alternate traffic flows.

The new bypass will connect to the existing A120 with a roundabout at either end, and will have no other connections to other roads.


Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing 29 January 2019

Construction of a new single four-lane road bridge across the River Yare, linking the A47 at Harfrey's Roundabout with the A1243 South Denes Road. The river carries shipping at this point, and the new crossing will be a double leaf bascule bridge, allowing it to open for ships to pass.

Norwich Western Link 4 November 2018

Construction of a new road to connect the western end of the A1270 "Broadland Northway" - previously known as the Norwich Northern Distributor Road - to the A47, completing a full circuit of the city. This western section was initially going to be part of the Northern Distributor Project, but was dropped because it passed through the environmentally sensitive Wensum Valley. It will now be progressed separately.


A47 Great Yarmouth Junctions 13 December 2017

Work to improve two roundabout junctions on the A47 around the outskirts of Great Yarmouth.

Vauxhall Roundabout, where the A47 Acle New Road approaches Great Yarmouth from Norwich, will be reconstructed to provide a larger roundabout island and a wider circulating carriageway. The railway bridge carrying the A47 immediately south of the roundabout will be widened to allow two lanes in each direction on the immediate approach to the junction from the south. The roundabout will also be at least partly signalised and new pedestrian and bicycle crossings will be installed.


A47/A11 Thickthorn Junction Improvement 13 December 2017

Improvement works to Thickthorn Interchange, the junction where the A11 and A47 cross on the outskirts of Norwich. The A11 is the trunk road linking Norwich with London, and the continuous dual carriageway from London effectively terminates at this junction on the A47 Norwich bypass.


A120 Braintree to A12 15 October 2017

Replacement of the existing A120 between Braintree and the A12 with a new purpose-built dual two-lane road. The existing road suffers congestion and unpredictable journey times, and takes a circuitous route that passes through numerous roundabouts at Coggeshall. This scheme aims to replace it with a continuation of the free-flowing A120 expressway from Stansted Airport to Braintree.


A12 Chelmsford-Marks Tey Widening 15 October 2017

Improvement works to the A12 between junction 19 (north of Chelmsford) and junction 25 (Marks Tey, where the A120 approaches from Braintree) to provide three lanes in each direction for the whole of this length, a distance of 25 km (15 miles). At present this part of the A12 is a grade-separated dual carriageway with two lanes in each direction. Short, isolated sections have a third lane between junctions in a small number of places.


A1(M) J6-8 Smart Motorway 15 October 2017

Upgrade of the A1(M) motorway between junction 6 (Welwyn Garden City) and junction 8 (Stevenage north) to Smart Motorway. The hard shoulder will be converted into a permanent running lane to provide three lanes in both directions for the whole of this length of motorway, a communications upgrade will be carried out and variable speed limits installed.


M11 Junction 7A 28 August 2017

Construction of a new junction on the M11 to the north east of Harlow, with a short new link road connecting the junction to the existing B183 Sheering Road.


M1 J13-16 Smart Motorway 28 August 2017

Upgrade of the M1 between junctions 13 (Ridgmont, south of Milton Keynes) and 16 (Upper Heyford, west of Northampton) to Smart Motorway standard. The scheme will feature All Lane Running, meaning the hard shoulder will be converted into a fourth permanent traffic lane throughout.


A421 Dualling Ridgmont-Eagle Farm 27 August 2017

Reconstruction of the existing A421 between M1 J13 at Ridgmont and the Eagle Farm Roundabout south-east of Milton Keynes to provide dual two-lane carriageways. This will finally complete the dual carriageway between Milton Keynes and the M1.

The work will involve reconstruction of two existing overbridges and provision of a new structure to allow a proposed new canal, the Bedford and Milton Keynes Link, to pass under the road.


A47 North Tuddenham-Easton 21 August 2017

Improvement of the existing single carriageway A47 between North Tuddenham and Easton in Norfolk to provide a dual two-lane road, built a short distance off-line from the existing route. This will complete the dual carriageway between Norwich and Dereham. About 7.5 km (5 miles) of new dual carriageway will be built.

Two new grade-separated junctions will be provided, one at the eastern end of the scheme (replacing the roundabout that terminates the existing A47 Norwich Southern Bypass) and one between Hockering and Honingham.


A47 Wansford-Sutton 21 August 2017

Reconstruction of the A47 between the A1 and Wansford and the western end of the Castor Bypass to provide a dual two-lane road and improved junctions.

At present this section of the A47 connects Peterborough with points to the north and west, and is the last remaining section of single carriageway road between the town and the A1 to the north. Improvements will be made at the A1, including a new free-flowing sliproad from the southbound A1 towards Peterborough, though major changes to the layout of the existing interchange appear to be unlikely.


A15 Lincoln Eastern Bypass 23 May 2017

Construction of a new single two-lane road with roundabout junctions from the A15 Sleaford Road south of Bracebridge Heath, across the River Witham on a new bridge, to the Wragby Road roundabout at the end of the existing northern bypass.

The new road will allow through traffic on the north-south A15 route to avoid passing through the centre of Lincoln, a route that presently involves congested urban roads and a steep hill.

The bypass was originally proposed as a dual two-lane road, but was drastically reduced in scale to gain central government funding.


A14(M) Fen Ditton - Ellington 26 April 2017

An upgrade of the A14 route between Cambridge and Huntingdon, and in particular the stretch connecting the A1 and M11. Highways England now refer to this scheme as "A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon".

Subject to a variation of the Planning Order for the scheme, Highways England stated in September 2018 that it was now their intention to open and operate the new road as a motorway, with the number A14(M). The upgraded and realigned length of A1 between Buckden and Alconbury will also be placed under motorway restrictions and will become an extension of the A1(M).


A1270 Norwich Northern Distributor Road 24 March 2017

Construction of a new dual two-lane road across the northern fringe of Norwich, from the A47 in the east to the A1067 north-west of the city. This is a distributor road designed to relieve communities on the north-east fringes of Norwich, serve new developments, open up access to large parts of Broadland, North Norfolk and Norwich International Airport, and reduce congestion in Norwich itself, where it is a key project in the Transport for Norwich strategy.


A1 Elkesley Junctions Improvement 8 March 2017

A new two level junction is proposed to replace the current junctions. A new local link road over the A1 will mean that road users will not have to use the busy trunk road to access the village.

The existing 50mph speed limit will be removed, returning the A1 to National Speed Limit, from west of Elkesley to the eastern end of the village. Part of the current 50mph limit will be retained until the junction at Gamston, east of Elkesley, is improved in a later scheme.