A1073 Spalding to Eye Improvement

Scheme outline

Construction of a new single two-lane carriageway to replace the existing A1073 which connects Peterborough to Spalding via Crowland. The existing road is non-primary, but is preferred by traffic over the official A15/A16 routing via Market Deeping as it is more direct. As a result the A1073 is heavily overloaded, has a very poor accident record and is difficult to maintain.

It is expected that the resulting high-standard road will become a primary route on opening.

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Bypass or realignment
for use by all traffic
Highway authority
Central Government, LCC and Peterborough CC


14 August 2007

Funding is confirmed by the Department for Transport. Having cleared all necessary public inquiries, the scheme is cleared to start in summer 2008.

14 February 2008

On 26th February, Rosie Winterton, a roads minister, dug the first sod on the project. Construction is now under way.

16 June 2009

The new road is now under construction.

7 March 2010

Almost complete as of March 2010. The new road will become a primary route, and be named the A16. The original part of the A16 from Spalding Common to Stamford will then become the A1175 non-primary route, with the aim of removing the heavy traffic using Stamford to access the A1. All the new signage from as far away as the A16/A17 junction at Sutterton is in place, with the new road number (A1175) covered over.

26 August 2010

The first part is now open, between Spalding and Crowland. There are some embankment stabilisation issues closer to Peterborough delaying the opening of that section, so the opened part has the destinations covered over on the primary route signage.

29 April 2011

The final 7 km section from Crowland to Eye is still closed following the discovery of a crack under the embankment at Car Dyke bridge last autumn. Work is underway to install concrete piles along the bottom of the western embankment to stabilise the clay sub-soil. The extra cost of the remedial work has been put at £4m, and the road is not now expected to open until October 2011, according to LCC.

30 September 2011

£4 million has now become £5 million but the road should finally open this month.

7 October 2011

The missing part is due to open on Sunday 16th October.

17 October 2011

The Crowland to Eye section opened yesterday. The full road is now open from Spalding to Peterborough.

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