A2 Wincheap Improvement

Scheme outline

Proposal to upgrade the A2-A28 interchange at Wincheap to provide north facing sliproads, in order to improve access to the Wincheap and Chartham areas, as well as cutting congestion in western Canterbury. At present the junction only has south-facing sliproads.

The Londonbound on-slip to the A2 will be the first of two to be constructed, with clearing work starting in September. A former community centre will be demolished to make way for this along with new traffic signals.

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Junction improvement
for use by all traffic
Highway authority


10 September 2010

The scheme was given final approval by the council on 12 July 2010. Site clearance is expected to start in September, with the main construction phase scheduled to start in December. The new slip road is expected to open in June 2011.

23 September 2010

Work has now commenced on site, with the clearing away of trees and the removal of the pavement in Thannington Road.

25 December 2010

The junction layout on the A28 is now complete with work on the actual slip road due to start after the Christmas break.

25 January 2011

Works on the A28 are now complete. The next progress will be in early spring, when the derelict building will be cleared and the sliproads themselves can be built.

5 February 2011

During this last week, all the new signage has been erected with the relevant parts blanked out.

23 February 2011

The new traffic signals on the A28 have all been installed but bagged over.

8 May 2011

Finally contractors have moved back on site, and works on the main slip road are starting this week.

13 June 2011

Works on the main slip road progressing well; earthworks 60-70% complete. Tie-in works started on A2 with reduced width lanes.

27 July 2011

The first layer of tarmac is down. Lighting, signage, and armco barriers are in place, and erection of new high safety fencing for adjacent recreation ground is taking place. Local information is that end of August is likely opening date.

11 August 2011

Last weekend the wearing course was down and road marking in progress. Cannot be long now before it opens.

19 August 2011

Some final works are still necessary, but the sliproad is expected to open by 26th August.

25 August 2011

The new sliproad opened today at 11am.

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