A4440 Worcester Southern Link Road Improvements

Scheme outline

Upgrade work to the existing single carriageway A4440 Worcester Southern Link Road to provide dual two-lane carriageways between the M5 at junction 7 and the Powick Roundabout with the A449.

The link between the Ketch Roundabout (A38) and Powick Roundabout involves duplication of a high bridge over the River Severn, and is likely to be the last part to be completed as it will be the most difficult to build and will require suitable funding to be secured.

To date the section between the Ketch and Norton roundabouts has already had dualling work completed, and those roundabouts have been enlarged.

Under construction
Other upgrade
for use by all traffic
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24 January 2019

Work on the final section of this scheme, including the river crossing, is due to start in February, according to the Malvern Gazette.

8 April 2019

As part of the preparation for this final phase of work, a national grid pylon just west of the Severn has been replaced further away from the road, to give space to build the new embankments. Tree clearance around the site of the new River Severn viaduct appears complete, and a large single tree in the field sloth of the road (presumably subject to a preservation order) has been carefully fenced off.

A raised compound has also been built at the Western end of the scheme, which appears to be a retreat site for the works vehicles above the likely level of flood waters should the Severn burst its banks while the works are going on.

16 May 2019

Preparatory work well underway for A38 to A449 section work - trees and vegetation removed along the length, access road along the site laid and lots of plant on site to progress initial earthworks.

30 September 2019

Works continue to prepare the site - and that has included major archaeological digs. Significant finds have been uncovered, mostly from the Battle of Worcester - the final battle of the English Civil War. This has received extensive press coverage over the last few weeks, including BBC News and the Worcester Observer.

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