A96/B986 Berryden Corridor Improvement

Scheme outline

Reconstruction of the A96 Great Northern Road and B986 Berryden Road in northern Aberdeen to create a continuous dual two-lane route linking the existing dual carriageways at Skene Square and the Great Northern Road roundabout.

Most of the new route will be created by widening and reconstructing the existing roads, which have land reserved for the scheme, but a new alignment will be created around the west side of Kittybrewster Square and the east side of Great Northern Road, where a protected line has existed for this road for some years.

The B986 south of Skene Square already forms a dual carriageway route, partly in tunnel, leading in to the centre of Aberdeen. It is conceivable that it will become part of the A96 and the preferred route for traffic heading towards the city centre, but even without reclassification, the intention is that Berryden Road will form a new major high capacity radial north from Aberdeen.

The final cost and timescale for this scheme are not yet known, but Compulsory Purchase Orders were issued in November 2018 and the purchase process will last 12-24 months, after which construction may begin.

In preparation
Bypass or realignment
for use by all traffic
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