East Midlands Gateway

Scheme outline

Various changes to the road network around M1 junctions 24 and 24A to provide additional capacity to support the East Midlands Gateway project, a 700-acre logistics development. The new development will include a dedicated rail terminal and are located immediately adjacent to East Midlands Airport, and will have direct access to the trunk road network with a new junction on the A453.

The two main road works will be improvements to M1 junction 24A and the construction of a new A6 Kegworth Bypass.

Work to improve M1 junction 24A will include removal of the current roundabout, with new sliproads enabling traffic eastbound on the A50 to flow directly onto the M1 south or to join the roundabout at junction 24. Traffic from the M1 southbound will also free-flow directly into the A50. Sliproads will be braided alongside the southbound M1 so that traffic joining from the A50 and exiting towards junction 24 will cross over each other without conflict.

The A6 Kegworth Bypass will be a new single two-lane road running from a new roundabout on the A6 just south of the village and crossing the M1 to reach the A453 at what is presently the junction of Ashby Road. This junction will be significantly rebuilt to provide a new access road to the East Midlands Gateway development.

In the last twenty years there have been several generations of proposals to improve the complex of junctions along the M1 from 23A to 24A, none of which have yet reached construction, and 24A is in fact laid out with the intention that it would later be expanded as part of the wider proposals that were being made when it was built. The East Midlands Gateway works will expand junction 24A to something like its intended form but will not actually complete the junction as originally envisaged. In particular, traffic from the northbound M1 towards the A50 will still have to pass through junction 24 in some form and will still have to stop for at least one signalised roundabout.

Under construction
Bypass or realignment
with parts under motorway restrictions
Highway authority
Private developer


18 June 2017

Junction 25 to 23a are signed as upgrade to Smart Motorway with narrow lanes and 50 mph speed limit. Metal central reservation barriers are being removed

14 October 2017

Ashby Road bridge across the M1 has been closed to traffic. Work has started on embankments for the bridge that will carry the Kegworth Bypass.

30 November 2017

Embankments in place and bridge abutments taking shape for A50 to M1 slip road. Bridge foundations for Kegworth bypass dug.

9 December 2017

The signalled roundabout on the A453 for the Kegworth Bypass is now in place.

12 February 2018

Bridge beams in place for the new J24a/J24 slip roads. Bridge abutments taking shape for the Kegworth bypass.

24 April 2018

The roundabout on the A6 south of Kegworth is now under construction.

15 May 2018

The new bridge to carry the Kegworth Bypass across the M1 was installed during a full closure of the motorway over the weekend of 12 May 2018, with the M1 re-opening slightly early on the Sunday morning.

4 June 2018

M1 southbound traffic leaving at J24 now uses the new slip road, leaving the motorway 200m earlier, heading under a new bridge on the east of the motorway that will eventually carry A50 eastbound traffic to J24 roundabout.

Also, J24 roundabout now has a separated free flow lane so that A453 northbound traffic heading to the A50 no longer needs to wait at signals.

31 July 2018

New braided sliproads east of M1 now in use. Southbound A50 carriageway west of M1 closed for conversion to local road. Lane to bypass J24 for A453 north to A50 north/west also open.

14 November 2018

The Kegworth Bypass opened this morning.

14 December 2018

The J23A-24 'controlled motorway' section opened fully on 13th December with variable mandatory speed limits now in place and being controlled by overhead gantries.

The J24-25 'all lane running' section is due to open at a reduced 50mph speed limit on 20th December whilst technology is being tested. Highways England state that the whole project will be fully operational by March 2019.

1 February 2019

All lanes open but 50mph restrictions still in place

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