M49 Avonmouth Junction

Scheme outline

Construction of a new interchange on the M49 at the site of the current Farm Lane overbridge, providing access from the motorway to the industrial areas of Avonmouth and the Severnside Enterprise Area.

The preferred design for the new junction will be a two-bridge roundabout interchange, using the existing overbridge to carry one side of the roundabout.

A junction serving Avonmouth has been proposed for the M49 since the road was being planned in the early 1990s and the access roads serving the large industrial complexes nearby have been planned with the location of the future junction in mind.

No timescale for the project has been formally announced, but press releases suggest that Highways England hopes to begin construction by the end of 2017.

Under construction
Junction improvement
under motorway restrictions
Highway authority


8 July 2018

The 2019 A-Z Atlas is showing the junction as under construction, suggesting work could start in 2019/2020?

11 July 2018

Work has started. A 50mph limit is now in place with narrow lanes. Tree clearance was carried out in the spring.

19 August 2018

This is currently under construction.

28 August 2019

The second bridge deck for the roundabout is in place and embankments are under construction. Speed limit through the works is now 60mph.

17 January 2020

By early January 2020 Highways England had completed the majority of the main construction of the new junction. A combination of remedial works and time to allow local developers to build connecting roads into the stubs of the junction means that the hard shoulder and lane 1 will remain closed on both sides of the carriageway up to April 2020.

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