M6 J10A-13 Smart Motorway

Scheme outline

Provision of Smart Motorway technology on the M6 between junctions 10A and 13.

Between Junctions 10A and 11A (the M6 Toll), variable speed limits will be installed; north of junction 11A full Smart Motorway technology including conversion of the hard shoulder to a running lane ("all lane running") will be provided.

Work was initially planned to be complete by Spring 2015, but Highways England have since decided to add resurfacing to the programme, which has extended to timescale to Autumn 2015.

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This scheme is part of the Smart Motorways programme of works.

October 2013 - Autumn 2015
Other upgrade
under motorway restrictions
Highway authority


2 December 2015

Having missed their original "Spring 2015" opening date, works have now gone beyond the revised "Autumn 2015" target as well. The scheme visually appears complete, but the hard shoulder and lane 1 closures and camera-enforced 50mph limits are still in place for the whole length of the scheme.

24 December 2015

Despite the scheme appearing complete as you drive through, lane 1 is still coned-off and the temporary 50mph speed limit remains. In a low-key admission that this supposedly "fast-tracked" scheme is overrunning even its revised completion date, one of the "Smart Motorway Opening" signs has had a patch added stating "Early 2016".

20 January 2016

Part of the reason for the delay in opening this scheme appears to be due to "faults on signals on overhead gantries" which some of December's works were intended to fix. This is a little unfortunate, given the signals on the overhead gantries are the only way Smart Motorways can function! No revised opening date has been given, despite the fact these works are now supposedly complete.

6 February 2016

It looks as if this upgrade may finally be close to opening. According to Highways England, the latest set of closures (until 16 Februrary) are for the removal of CCTV and average speed cameras - which implies the main work is now complete.

8 February 2016

The smart motorway is now fully open.

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