M80 Stepps - Haggs

Scheme outline

Partially on-line and partially off-line upgrade of A80 between Stepps and Haggs to two-lane motorway, to link existing sections of M80 north of Haggs and south of Stepps.

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New road
under motorway restrictions
Highway authority
Scottish Executive/DBFO


14 February 2003

Scottish Executive announces large-scale spending on transport, including the completion of the M80 route. For the first time a definite date has been given for this scheme.

14 October 2005

Scheme goes to public inquiry. Objections to the route are expected to be because the road is an online upgrade - many objectors want to see the original off-line Kelvin Valley Route resurrected. This plan was for a dual three-lane road away from built-up areas, while the current plans would only give a dual two-lane road through Cumbernauld itself.

Part of the reasoning for the choice of the Cumbernauld route is that the Kelvin Valley line would breach part of the Antonine Wall, whereas there is a gap of more than half a mile at this point.
14 August 2006

The public inquiry is over and the project will now definitely go ahead, with a start date in 2008.

14 March 2007

Three construction companies have been invited to submit tenders for the scheme.

6 November 2008

Approximately two miles of trees have been felled alongside the A80 between Mollinsburn and Auchenkilns in preparation for the widening of this section of the road.

19 January 2009

Transport Scotland has signed the contract that awards Highway Management (Scotland) Ltd the £320 million project to construct a new 11 mile (18 km) stretch of the A80 between Stepps and Haggs. This will also include costs for maintenance of the road for 30 years. Early preparatory works have already started along the route and construction will begin immediately for the motorway to be fully opened in 2011.

4 July 2009

Earthworks, drainage and pavement works for a temporary road are being undertaken prior to construction of the new Hornshill Interchange. Preparations of North Road overbridge reconstruction are underway, with a temporary overbridge being assembled. Advanced works on the green field section (Stepps - Mollinsburn) are substantially complete, and earthworks are progressing in this section.

1 November 2009

Average Speed Cameras from Moodiesburn to Haggs go live on 02/11/09 to help enforce the 40 mph limit. It will remain in place on the A80 until the updgrade is complete, when the road will then be returned to 70 mph.

18 February 2010

There are regular delays for southbound traffic at busy periods due to the closure of the Mollinsburn and M73 slips. There have been reports of delays of up to 55 minutes heading south from the Stirling area.

5 May 2010

Road construction at the Hornshill Interchange area is progressing well. Works are ongoing in the verges and a traffic management switchover is targeted for May 2010, to complete centre carriageway works. Construction has already commenced on the Hornshill B757 link road which is due to be completed by mid-summer 2010. The main M80 carriageway construction, from the Hornshill Junction to Lindsaybeg Road, remains on programme to be complete by late autumn 2010.

2 September 2010

New northbound carriageway now open between Mollinsburn and Auchenkilns carrying North and Southbound traffic. Meanwhile reconstruction of former Southbound carriageway has commenced on the same stretch.

29 January 2011

A partial northbound section will open early on the 7th of February, with the southbound section expected to open a week later.

9 February 2011

The new section from Hornshill to Mollinsburn is now open to northbound traffic and due to open to southbound traffic by 14th Feb.

16 February 2011

New section of the M80 is fully open.

22 July 2011

The 40mph speed restriction on the northbound carriageway will be removed on 23 July 2011. A section of the southbound carriageway between junction 5 (Auchenkilns) and 4 (Mollinsburn) will remain at 40mph until work at the M80/M73 junction is completed. The scheme is expected to be fully open in a few weeks.

1 November 2011

The road is complete and open to traffic.

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