Norwich Western Link 4 November 2018

Construction of a new road to connect the western end of the A1270 "Broadland Northway" - previously known as the Norwich Northern Distributor Road - to the A47, completing a full circuit of the city. This western section was initially going to be part of the Northern Distributor Project, but was dropped because it passed through the environmentally sensitive Wensum Valley. It will now be progressed separately.


A1270 Norwich Northern Distributor Road 24 March 2017

Construction of a new dual two-lane road across the northern fringe of Norwich, from the A47 in the east to the A1067 north-west of the city. This is a distributor road designed to relieve communities on the north-east fringes of Norwich, serve new developments, open up access to large parts of Broadland, North Norfolk and Norwich International Airport, and reduce congestion in Norwich itself, where it is a key project in the Transport for Norwich strategy.