London-Yorkshire Motorway
Hook Moor

The M1 is Britain's first full-length motorway and possibly its most iconic. It is also one of the most important, forming the main road north from London, serving the industrial East Midlands and the most populous areas of Yorkshire before handing the north-south baton to the A1(M) near Leeds.


M1 13 March 2020

The main road north from London is missing the connections that would have integrated it with London's planned urban motorways.


M1/M62 Lofthouse Interchange Improvement 25 August 2019

Improvement works to Lofthouse Interchange, the junction of the M1 and M62 in West Yorkshire. In its present form, free-flowing sliproads exist between the north and west, and left-turns in three other directions are segregated from the main roundabout, but three remaining right-turn movements pass around the signal-controlled roundabout. The junction is a cause of significant congestion and a limiting factor on the capacity of the motorway network in West Yorkshire.


The Minister's cake 24 January 2019

In 1968, the Minister of Transport travelled up to Yorkshire to open a long length of the brand new M1. There was just one problem. Where was the cake?


Opening booklets 27 January 2018

In days gone by, new roads were often celebrated with a grand opening ceremony and the issue of a commemorative booklet heralding the exciting new highway. You'll find some of them here, complete with a glimpse of all that empty tarmac and a healthy dose of modernist optimism.


M1 J13-16 Smart Motorway 28 August 2017

Upgrade of the M1 between junctions 13 (Ridgmont, south of Milton Keynes) and 16 (Upper Heyford, west of Northampton) to Smart Motorway standard. The scheme will feature All Lane Running, meaning the hard shoulder will be converted into a fourth permanent traffic lane throughout.


East Midlands Gateway 16 June 2017

Various changes to the road network around M1 junctions 24 and 24A to provide additional capacity to support the East Midlands Gateway project, a 700-acre logistics development. The new development will include a dedicated rail terminal and are located immediately adjacent to East Midlands Airport, and will have direct access to the trunk road network with a new junction on the A453.

The two main road works will be improvements to M1 junction 24A and the construction of a new A6 Kegworth Bypass.


M1 J19 Catthorpe 8 March 2017

Reconstruction of M1 Junction 19, the meeting place of the M1, M6 and A14. Provision of new free-flow links between M6 and A14. The plans as of Autumn 2003 will cause the realignment of the road between Catthorpe and Swinford away from the interchange, which in turn will mean the A14 from this interchange to Junction 1 will be upgraded to motorway.

The junction will carry the mainline of the M6 on to the A14, with sliproads between M1 south and M6, and between M1 north and A14.