M2 and A2

Medway Towns Bypass

The M2 may not be a long, important or significant motorway in its own right, but when it's taken with its partner the A2 it's a force to be reckoned with.


Opening booklets 27 January 2018

In days gone by, new roads were often celebrated with a grand opening ceremony and the issue of a commemorative booklet heralding the exciting new highway. You'll find some of them here, complete with a glimpse of all that empty tarmac and a healthy dose of modernist optimism.


M2 J5 Improvements 4 July 2017

Improvements to M2 junction 5 (Stockbury) which is a major interchange with the A249. At present the junction suffers regular congestion, particularly on the A249 southbound and the exit from the M2 westbound, and has an extremely poor safety record. It forms a break in the otherwise free-flowing A249 between Maidstone and Sheppey. Planned developments in the area will put further pressure on the junction.


M2 Widening 23 October 2008

Upgrade of the existing two-lane M2 to three and four lane plus hard shoulder carriageways as far as junction 4. The upgrade is largely 'parallel' - a second carriageway is constructed alongside the existing motorway, with the present two carriageways eventually becoming one single wide carriageway. The scheme also includes massive upgrades to substandard junctions and the construction of a second Medway Bridge.