M42 and A42


The M42 is a road of two parts, first forming part of the box of motorways surrounding Birmingham, and then striking off to the north-east as a major radial route towards Nottingham, the East Midlands and the north, turning into the A42 part-way there.


M42 J6 Improvement 3 May 2016

A "comprehensive" upgrade scheme for M42 junction 6. The exact nature of the upgrade works are unclear at this stage but it appears that Highways England are planning something very substantial.

This interchange connects the motorway to the A45, a major road between Birmingham and Coventry, and provides access to the National Exhibition Centre complex and Birmingham International Airport. It is also planned to be the location of a major interchange station on the High Speed 2 rail line.


M6 M40 M42 Birmingham Box ATM Phases 1 and 2 23 April 2011

An improvement project designed to reduce congestion without widening, which will bring Active Traffic Management (ATM) technology to large parts of the motorway network around Birmingham. The scheme involves the installation of new gantries, signage, safety fencing and associated technology on the following sections of motorway:

- M6 J4 to J5 (full ATM) 8 Km (5 miles) - M6 J8 to J10a (full ATM) 11 Km (6 miles) - M40 J16 to M42 J3a (variable speed limits only) 3 Km (2 miles) - M42 J7 to J9 (variable speed limits only) 8 Km (5 miles)