Yorkshire and the Humber

M1/M62 Lofthouse Interchange Improvement 25 August 2019

Improvement works to Lofthouse Interchange, the junction of the M1 and M62 in West Yorkshire. In its present form, free-flowing sliproads exist between the north and west, and left-turns in three other directions are segregated from the main roundabout, but three remaining right-turn movements pass around the signal-controlled roundabout. The junction is a cause of significant congestion and a limiting factor on the capacity of the motorway network in West Yorkshire.


M62 J20-25 Smart Motorway 27 July 2019

Upgrade of the existing M62 between junction 20 (the A627(M) at Rochdale) and junction 25 (the A644 at Brighouse) to Smart Motorway standard.

The upgraded motorway will have improved communications and monitoring equipment, and will operate All Lane Running, meaning the hard shoulder will be converted to a fourth permanent running lane. The finished motorway will have no hard shoulder and emergency refuge areas will be installed at regular intervals.


A1 Redhouse-Darrington and Doncaster Bypass 9 June 2019

Improvement work to the existing A1 and A1(M) between its junctions with the M18 and M62 in West Yorkshire. The full, official title of this scheme is "A1 M18 to M62 Redhouse to Darrington and Doncaster bypass", which reflects the fact that this work was previously being pursued as two separate projects, one to widen the Doncaster Bypass and the other to upgrade the A1 between Redhouse and Darrington.


A1237 York Outer Ring Road Improvements 8 June 2019

Improvement works to seven of the existing roundabouts on the A1237 York Outer Ring Road. At present the Ring Road suffers daily congestion because it has insufficient capacity for the traffic it carries, and the numerous roundabouts are one of the key causes of this. York City Council wish to further discourage private motor traffic from the city and see the improvement of the Outer Ring Road as part of this strategy.


A629 Calder and Hebble Junction 21 March 2019

Reconstruction of the A629 between the end of the dual carriageway at Elland and Rookery Lane, just to the north, to provide two continuous lanes in each direction. The existing junction with the A6026 and B6112 at Elland Wood Bottom will be substantially rebuilt to improve traffic flow.


A64 Hopgrove 17 August 2018

Improvement work to the existing A64 to alleviate persistent congestion and slow-moving traffic north-east of York. At present Highways England are working on options for this scheme which will then go to a public consultation.


A164 Jock's Lodge Junction Improvement 12 April 2018

Improvements to the A164 between Castle Road Roundabout, west of Cottingham, and Victoria Road Roundabout, south of Beverley, including full reconstruction of the interchange with the A1079.

Despite the name of this scheme, the improvements are not restricted to Jock's Lodge Junction and actually involves on-line dualling of the A164 over a length of 5.5km (3.5 miles).


M621 Junctions 1 to 7 12 April 2018

Improvements to a range of junctions on the M621, to be constructed as a single coordinated scheme. Despite the name of the project, the improvement work will take place specifically at junctions 2, 2A, 3 and 7 of the motorway and the other junctions will not be affected.


A6120 East Leeds Orbital Road 15 March 2018

Construction of a new dual two-lane road from the M1 at junction 46 (Thorpe Park) to the existing A6120 Outer Ring Road at Red Hall, just west of the A58. The new road will replace the existing Outer Ring Road between these points and will be part of the A6120. The existing Outer Ring Road will be downgraded to a lower status.


A6182 Great Yorkshire Way 8 June 2017

Formerly known as the Finningley and Rossington Regeneration Route Scheme, this scheme will provide a new road from M18 at junction 3 to Robin Hood Airport, also serving the new iPort railfreight terminal at Rossington. Most of the road will be single two-lane but the westernmost part connecting to the M18 is dual two-lane standard.

Phase 1, connecting the M18 and the A638, was opened in 2016. Construction of Phase 2, from the A638 to the airport, will start in 2017 and is due to take one year.


Wakefield Eastern Relief Road 16 May 2017

A new single two-lane road around the east side of Wakefield, skirting the periphery of the urban area to open up land for new development. The new road is expected to remove some traffic from Wakefield city centre and to enable eastward expansion of the city into land where 2,500 new houses are planned.

A1(M) Leeming - Barton 2 May 2017

Upgrade of the existing dual carriageway A1 between Leeming Bar and Barton to a dual three-lane motorway. This scheme will remove the last remaining all-purpose section of A1 between West Yorkshire and Gateshead, and will finally connect the north-east conurbation of Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland to the national motorway network.


A63 Castle Street Improvement 10 February 2017

Provision of a new grade separated junction on the A63 in Hull, with the aim not just of improving traffic flow, but also improving access to the port of Hull, and reconnecting Hull city centre with the river by reducing the barrier effect of the current A63.

This will be achieved by lowering the level of Castle Street by 7 metres into a cutting, as part of the grade separation of the Mytongate junction. Ferensway and Commercial Street would be raised by a metre to pass over the junction.


M1 J32-35A Smart Motorway 13 January 2017

Upgrade of the M1 between junctions 32 (Thurcroft) and 35A (Hood Hill) to provide Smart Motorway technology. The upgraded road will have equipment to allow the use of variable speed limits and emergency refuge areas.

The hard shoulder will be converted to a permanent running lane for the full length of the scheme, meaning that this section of motorway will then have four running lanes and occasional emergency lay-bys but no hard shoulder. The Tinsley Viaduct will carry three traffic lanes plus hard shoulders.


A684 Bedale Bypass 16 August 2016

Construction of a new single two-lane road bypassing Bedale, Leeming Bar and Aiskew, and linking to the new A1(M) upgrade.

For a number of years the scheme was held up for financial reasons, and the initial plan to open the road at the same time as the adjoining new motorway did not come to pass. It is instead being built at the same time as the next phase of the A1(M) works.

As well as relieving Bedale town centre, the bypass will improve access to the motorway from Northallerton and the Dales.


A1173 Immingham Bypass 16 July 2016

New bypass to allow HGV traffic to access the Port of Immingham while avoiding village. A new single-carriageway link will be built from the existing A180-A1173 junction to the B1210 Stallingborough Road, and existing roads used to form a route avoiding the village.

The Port is due to be expanded by Able UK with landfill into the Humber in order to provide a North Sea wind turbine manufacture and service site.