A120 Little Hadham Bypass

Scheme outline

Construction of a new single two-lane road to carry the A120 around the northern edge of the village of Little Hadham. At present the A120 passes through the village and along a length of narrow road that is single file and operates with traffic signals to alternate traffic flows.

The new bypass will connect to the existing A120 with a roundabout at either end, and will have no other connections to other roads.

The scheme also includes significant flood alleviation works. The bypass will cross the River Ash and the opportunity is being taken to use this crossing to manage the flow of water along the river. In the event the river rises above its usual level, flood water will be held north of the bypass, with a managed flow allowed through to the south, preventing it from breaching its banks in Little Hadham and further south. The flood alleviation works will be delivered by the Environment Agency in parallel with the road scheme.

In preparation
Bypass or realignment
for use by all traffic
Highway authority
DfT and Environment Agency


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