A14 J7 Improvement

Scheme outline

Originally a scheme to grade separate the A14 dual carriageway between Kettering and Huntingdon, closing central reservation gaps and providing new split-level junctions and flyovers.

It now appears that this scheme has been shelved, and the only improvement still on the cards is to A14 J7, the A43 at Kettering, which is having bridges replaced and sliproads lengthened.

This scheme was completed in and we're no longer accepting updates or changes to this page.

Junction improvement
for use by all traffic
Highway authority
Central Government


14 April 2004

Chris Williams reports that the scheme has vanished from the Highways Agency website and there is no evidence of work. Tim C confirms that the scheme has been shelved for the time being.

14 July 2004

Dean Wishart reports that good progress is being made on junction 7 upgrade works, with lengthening of sliproads and the installation of traffic signals due by Autumn.

14 October 2004

Charlie Davies confirms the completion of the current works will be in January 2005. The scheme is to improve access to the proposed Kettering North Business Park. Meanwhile, Ash reports that the Highways Agency have reinstated the improvements scheme for Thrapston - Huntingdon, but now with a minimalist budget of £600,000. What will be done with this money remains to be seen.

14 February 2005

Work is running behind schedule on the Junction 7 upgrades, and will not finish until March.

14 July 2005

Work is now completed.

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