A14(M) Fen Ditton - Ellington

Scheme outline

An upgrade of the A14 route between Cambridge and Huntingdon, and in particular the stretch connecting the A1 and M11. Highways England now refer to this scheme as "A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon".

Subject to a variation of the Planning Order for the scheme, Highways England stated in September 2018 that it was now their intention to open and operate the new road as a motorway, with the number A14(M). The upgraded and realigned length of A1 between Buckden and Alconbury will also be placed under motorway restrictions and will become an extension of the A1(M).

The improvement includes construction of a new dual-three lane route south of Huntingdon to bypass part of the existing road, with the remainder upgraded and widened substantially. The scheme also includes a new interchange with the A1 (along with the widening of a short section of A1), and some modifications to the M11 interchange.

A previously planned widening of a section of the A14 Cambridge Northern Bypass between Histon and Fen Ditton, including the replacement of a bridge over the river Cam, has been scaled back to widening the A14 between the Histon and Milton junctions. The route from the M11 interchange to Histon was widened to 3 lanes in a separate project following the cancellation of the original A14 upgrade and prior to this scheme being started.

The existing viaduct near Huntingdon station, which is nearing the end of its useful life, will be demolished.

Under construction
Bypass or realignment
with parts under motorway restrictions
Highway authority
Central Government


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14 January 2007

With work on the realignment of the A14 not due to be complete until 2015, a shorter term proposal is made to upgrade the existing A1/A14 junction with a wider roundabout and traffic signals.

14 March 2007

Signalisation work has been completed.

14 October 2007

The full route for the A14 realignment has now been announced, with the final section to be made public comprising the new three-lane bypass to the south of Godmanchester. Construction is now expected to start in 2010.

24 June 2009

Draft orders for the scheme are now to be published in Autumn 2009.

4 October 2009

Draft orders have now been published, following selection of the line of the road.

3 February 2010

The public inquiry is now due to be held.

11 June 2010

Public enquiry postponed. Next consideration will be in Autumn 2010 Spending Review.

26 October 2010

According to yesterday\'s DfT press release following the autumn spending review, the proposed upgrade of the A14 between Fen Ditton and Ellington has been cancelled.

1 December 2011

The Government has made this scheme a priority in the National Infrastructure Plan, announced earlier this week. Investment has been brought forward, and an A14 Challenge launched to help the project progress more efficiently.

12 December 2011

The A14 Challenge was officially launched today. The consultation will run until 31 January 2012.

30 March 2012

Councils through which the A14 passes are working together to prepare a bid for EU funding to improve the road, through the Trans-European Transport Network Programme.

11 May 2016

The planning inspectorate has now approved this scheme.

23 September 2016

Pits being dug in strips to the east of the current A14 opposite the Cambridge Crematorium. This is likely to be archaeological survey work.

25 September 2016

Things have started happening on the A1198 adjacent to the work site: 40mph speed limit, works accesses, portakabins and stakes marking things out.

28 December 2016

Fencing works are on going and it is possible to see where the new road leaves the current A14 at Fen Drayton. Trees have been cut down and clearance works generally are ongoing.

18 January 2017

The new road layout is becoming apparent to the left of the A1 northbound towards the A1-A14 junction and cylindrical rebar sections (possibly for a bridge) are on-site. New construction work is also ongoing at the A1-A14 Junction services.

21 February 2017

Foundations are being piled for a new bridge over the A1 just after the B1514 Brampton junction near Buckden. Bridge foundation pilings are also continuing apace at the A1-A14 Ellington junction.

4 March 2017

Extensive works now in the fields between Conington and Fenstanton on the new alignment.

26 April 2017

The footings for the Brampton Road bridge replacement over the A1 are visible above ground now, and the new route of the A1 (to the left of its current location northbound) between Buckden and the current A14 interchange has been clearly delineated.

26 July 2017

Concrete bridge pillars have sprouted up along the construction route from just after Buckden north-bound (the B1514) to the A1/A14 junction. The pillars at the A1/A14 junction are fairly massive ones, supposedly there to support the re-aligned A1 which will flyover the new A14 carriageway. There are also large cranes on site to lift concrete spans into place for the Brampton Road replacement bridge over the A1.

24 October 2017

Tarmac has begun to appear on various bits of road surface on the section that will eventually become the new A1 after Buckden (northbound). Average Speed restrictions have also been activated (at 40mph for most of it)...the restrictions are northbound from Buckden to just after the A1/A14 Ellington exit, and southbound from Alconbury Hill on the A1M all the way to the A1/B1514 junction at Buckden (about 6miles at 40mph). Also, the Brampton Road replacement bridge over the A1 is nearing completion with grass turf now being laid on the banks of the bridge approach ramps.

25 October 2017

Just one day after my previous report, the 40mph speed restrictions on the A1 northbound (from Buckden) have been extended all the way to the start of the A1M, a distance of about 3.7 miles -- so extra slowdowns on the morning commute.

21 May 2018
  • The old Brampton Road bridge over the A1 was dismantled a few months back (surprising how long it takes to build a bridge but how quickly they can take one down); the new bridge has taken its place.
  • The A1 Northbound has now been diverted onto its new, freshly-created, route to the left of the old route just north of Buckden.
  • Southbound, just after the A1M becomes the A1, it has been diverted onto a newly constructed section of roadway as far as the A1/A14 Ellington exit.
  • New gantries have also been installed but without the expected signage.
21 June 2018

The A1 Southbound from the Ellington exit to Buckden has now been fully diverted onto its new route and the old route closed. Presumably, work will now start on that old section to begin to incorporate it into the new route for the A14.

7 September 2018

On 7 September 2018, Highways England's A14 project director David Bray announced that Highways England intends to apply for a change of classification of the section of the A14 between Ellington and Girton, as well as the A1 from Alconbury to Brampton from A-road to motorway. The upgraded A14(M) would this provide continuous motorway between London and Peterborough by connecting the M11 and A1(M). The story was reported by local press in Cambridge and Peterborough.

22 September 2018

Installation of the pre-assembled bridge decks for the new Bar Hill junction was completed ahead of schedule during a complete closure of the Road on the weekend of 14 September. Highways England have released two videos of the event, which can be watched here and here.

29 November 2018

Work on this project is now half way completed and is still on time and on budget. There is an official twitter account which gives progress updates on the scheme.

29 January 2019

The A1 Southbound between J14 - J13 now has an increased speed limit of 50mph, with virtually all works complete. The A1 Northbound between J13 - J14 has all gantries in position, with some verge works ongoing, thus remaining at 40mph. This section has been resurfaced, with most road markings and VRS now in place, interestingly with no appearance of new green or blue signs.

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