A164 Jock's Lodge Junction Improvement

Scheme outline

Improvements to the A164 between Castle Road Roundabout, west of Cottingham, and Victoria Road Roundabout, south of Beverley, including full reconstruction of the interchange with the A1079.

Despite the name of this scheme, the improvements are not restricted to Jock's Lodge Junction and actually involves on-line dualling of the A164 over a length of 5.5km (3.5 miles).

The A164 itself will be upgraded to provide a dual two-lane road from Castle Road Roundabout, the northern extent of the existing dual carriageway, retaining the existing Skidby Roundabout, to Jock's Lodge, the junction with the A1079.

Jock's Lodge is already grade separated, with the A1079 crossing the A164 on a flyover, and a pair of looped sliproads providing access between the two. The current layout involves significant traffic flows turning right in and out of the A164 and the addition of traffic lights in recent years has not done enough to manage current traffic flows, with regular queues to the north and south as a result. The interchange will be rebuilt as a grade-separated roundabout interchange, with a new roundabout constructed under the A1079 and four free-flowing left turn sliproads.

The A164 north of Jock's Lodge will then be upgraded to provide a dual two-lane road up to Victoria Road Roundabout just to the north.

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