A2 Wincheap Junction

Scheme outline

Construction of a new sliproad exiting the coastbound carriageway of the A2 to provide access to the A28 at Wincheap, west of Canterbury.

At present this junction has three sliproads, providing entry to the A2 in both directions and exit from the A2 Londonbound. As originally built, the junction had access only to and from the south, and a third sliproad was provided in 2011 as part of the A2 Wincheap Improvement. This scheme will now, finally, complete the junction. Given the built-up nature of the site, fitting in a new exit sliproad will be difficult, and the cost of the reconstruction that will be necessary is the reason that this scheme has not been progressed until now.

Funding for this scheme is being provided by Pentland Homes, as part of an agreement to secure planning permission for 750 new homes nearby. It is likely to be delivered by Kent County Council on behalf of Highways England who maintain the A2.

In preparation
Junction improvement
for use by all traffic
Highway authority
Private developer


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