A30 Temple - Higher Carblake

Scheme outline

Upgrade of the remaining single carriageway section across Bodmin Moor to dual two-lane standard. Grade separated junctions will be provided at Cardinham Downs junction, Preeze Cross junction and Temple junction.

Unlike the previous Highways Agency proposals, this scheme will make greater use of the existing route to reduce costs and land take. As anyone familiar with this section of the A30 will know the verges in part are wide enough to accommodate another carriageway.

As this scheme is of major importance to Cornwall's economy and economic growth it will be part-funded and delivered by Cornwall Council. Central Government's contribution is capped at £30 million and commencement of construction is required to begin no later than March 2015 to retain the funding.

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Other upgrade
for use by all traffic
Highway authority
Cornwall Council & Central Government


14 July 2004

Highways Agency announce their intention to go ahead with the scheme.

14 May 2006

Local press announces that the scheme has been cancelled, to much local annoyance.

14 July 2006

The scheme has been postponed for at least ten years by the South West Regional Assembly, who have described it as 'low priority'.

14 January 2007

The Highways Agency's website confirms that the scheme is 'unlikely to be funded before 2016 at the earliest'.

19 December 2009

Cornwall County Council have agreed to pay £1.5 million pounds in preparation and design work so the scheme is ready should funds become available before 2019. This is when the road is currently planned to be built according to the South West RFA2 forward planning programme.

17 September 2010

News reports state that the Transport Minister has met with Cornwall County Council officials and has suggested that the council work with the Highways Agency to bring the cost of the scheme down.

1 October 2014

Construction may now start "no later than spring 2015", and the road may then open to traffic "some time in 2016/17", though a final decision won't be made for a few weeks yet.

12 January 2015

The Planning Inspectorate passed this scheme to the Secretary of State on 6 November 2014. He has 3 months to issue a decision. The decision letter, etc will be published on the NIP website once a decision has been made.

5 February 2015

Development Consent has been granted for this scheme to take place. Work could start within the next few weeks.

23 March 2015

The official start of this scheme was marked today by a turf-cutting ceremony.

7 August 2015

Work on the upgrade is now well underway. A 40mph limit is in effect, enforced by average speed cameras over its entire length.

11 August 2016

As of late last month, an additional lane is in operation eastbound to ease traffic flow leaving Cornwall during the summer peak. In addition, the new bridges across the A30 are in place and the scheme is progressing at a fast rate.

25 March 2017

The constructors Kier and Cornwall Council have announced construction will be complete on 13 July but all four lanes will open before this date.

14 July 2017

The road opened to traffic all lanes as of 11.15 on 14th July. Just in time for the school holiday traffic which will see an end to the 10 mile queues that resulted due to this small 3 mile single carriageway section in the middle of 90 miles of dual carriageway.

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