A46 Newark - Widmerpool Dualling

Scheme outline

Construction of a new dual-two lane route between the end of the improved section of the A46 north of Leicester and the Newark Northern Bypass. The route will be mostly, if not entirely, grade separated. The scheme will complete improvements to the A46 between the M1 at Leicester and Lincoln, but oddly leaves the already congested single-carriageway Newark Bypass in place.

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Bypass or realignment
for use by all traffic
Highway authority
Central government


14 March 2006

Local news reports claim that this scheme has been cancelled as the East Midlands Regional Assembly cannot supply funding for it. Local media have already launched a campaign to get the road built.

14 May 2006

Lobbying for the resurrection of this scheme continues: the Newark Business Club Action Group is meeting government ministers to put their case forward. The road's postponement has become a serious local issue.

14 October 2008

Rumours of this road scheme's death appear to be greatly exaggerated, as it has simply been postponed to a start of work in 2012-2013.

29 November 2008

Following pressure from many local councils and other organisations, the government has agreed additional funding as part of the Treasury's spending plans which could see the scheme start as early as Summer 2009. This is subject to the regional assembly advancing other monies and the DfT decision on the scheme following the 2007 Public Inquiry.

25 April 2009

Trees are being felled along the new alignment between Bingham and the A606, mostly to the north of the A46.

26 June 2009

News reports indicate that work has now started on this scheme.

25 October 2009

Work is well underway and on course to be completed on programme. 6 of the 22 bridge structures are underway with the first deck steelwork expected on site in mid November. Translocation of Roehoe wood has been completed, 600,000m3 of the 3,600,000m3 of earth has been moved.

23 June 2010

Starting from the weekend of 26-27 June 2010, all A46 traffic passing through the Stragglethorpe junction will be diverted onto the new northbound exit and entry sliproads and around the new western roundabout, so that construction of the new main carriageway can begin.

9 October 2010

Traffic through the Saxondale Island is being rerouted to use the new roundabouts - the A46 from Yesterday and A52 from Wednesday - this is to allow the A46 overbridge to be built.

5 January 2011

The railway bridge at Bingham over the upgraded A46 was installed over the Christmas 2010 break.

28 January 2011

New raised traffic island on the A6097 is now in use.

28 October 2011

From 29 October 2011, northbound traffic between the Stragglethorpe and Saxondale junctions will be switched onto the new section of dual carriageway, albeit still under 40mph speed restriction. Southbound traffic will be switched on 3 November 2011.

27 November 2011

The first section of dual carrigeway is now open between Saxondale and Car Colston and the A46 is now grade seperated at both the A52 at Saxondale and A6097 at Margidunum.

6 April 2012

The road is now complete and open to traffic. Associated work on the A52 near Bingham will continue for the next few weeks. Signage in the Bingham area now directs Doncaster traffic to the A1 at Newark, while the A6097 is signposted Mansfield.

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