A6120 East Leeds Orbital Road

Scheme outline

Construction of a new dual two-lane road from the M1 at junction 46 (Thorpe Park) to the existing A6120 Outer Ring Road at Red Hall, just west of the A58. The new road will replace the existing Outer Ring Road between these points and will be part of the A6120. The existing Outer Ring Road will be downgraded to a lower status.

The new road will be subject to a 50mph speed limit and will pass through a series of roundabouts and signalised junctions. It will provide a faster and higher standard of road for the Outer Ring Road than its existing route, which is subject to 30 and 40mph limits, passes through residential and shopping areas and is largely single carriageway. However, the new road is not intended to pass outside the urban area: while it will be built in open countryside, it is designed to open up land for the "East Leeds Extension", a major planned expansion of the urban area to include huge numbers of new homes. The new road will, therefore, very quickly be surrounded by new development once it opens.

The scheme includes the construction of the new road and associated junctions, and also construction and landscaping of new parkland alongside and around the route.

The map at the top of this page includes a section of road between M1 junction 46 and Manston Lane that is being built separately and ahead of the rest of the route, as part of the Thorpe Park development.

Under construction
Bypass or realignment
for use by all traffic
Highway authority
Developers and West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund


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