Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing

Scheme outline

Construction of a new single four-lane road bridge across the River Yare, linking the A47 at Harfrey's Roundabout with the A1243 South Denes Road. The river carries shipping at this point, and the new crossing will be a double leaf bascule bridge, allowing it to open for ships to pass.

At present the southern part of Great Yarmouth exists on a long, narrow strip of land between the River Yare and the sea, without a river crossing anywhere south of the town centre. This causes traffic between the south of the town and the adjacent urban areas of Southtown, Bradwell and Goreleston to make a very indirect journey up one side of the river, through the town centre and back down again. The purpose of the new bridge will be to enable more direct journeys to be made and, consequently, to relieve the A1243 and A47 of this traffic.

The scheme includes provision of a new roundabout on Queen Anne's Road and some localised widening on South Denes Road.

At present it is not clear what classification the new bridge would take on opening, but an extension of the A143 is one possible option.

In preparation
New road
for use by all traffic
Highway authority
DfT grant


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