M40 J9 (Wendlebury) Improvement

Scheme outline

This scheme aims to improve the flow of traffic from the southbound M40 onto the southbound A34 at the Wendlebury Interchange, and thus reduce the queue of traffic that builds up on the M40 southbound exit slip-road and encroaches onto the motorway at busy periods. To achieve this, the M40 southbound exit slip-road, part of the roundabout, and 600m of the southbound A34 will all be increased from two lanes to three.

The exit from the A34 northbound will also be signalised, allowing two lanes for the M40 north to be provided, as part of a second phase of the scheme.

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2010 - 2015
Junction improvement
with parts under motorway restrictions
Highway authority
Highways Agency


8 June 2010

Work is expected to begin in July 2010 and be finished by the start of December 2010. The start of work was delayed to await a decision on a proposed eco-town at Weston-on-the-Green, a short distance to the south-west.

2 August 2010

Preliminary works started on 26 July 2010 to prepare the site. The main phase of work is scheduled to start on 9 August 2010.

25 February 2011

Phase 1 of the improvements is now complete. There are three lanes throughout the junction from the M40 southbound exit sliproad to the A34 southbound.

10 May 2012

Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership has submitted a bid to the Highways Agency for £8m to complete the improvements to this junction. The proposed improvements include widening the western side of the roundabout between the A34 exit and entry points from two to three lanes, and widening a short stretch of the A41 heading away from the junction.

20 October 2014

Phase 2 of this junction improvement began in April 2014 and is due for a December 2014 completion.

7 February 2015

According to the Highways Agency website, the scheme is now nearing completion. The end date is now set as February 2015.

10 July 2015

This scheme is now complete.

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