M54 link to M6 Toll

Scheme outline

Construction of a new route to connect the M54, which currently only has south-facing access to the M6, to the M6 at junction 12 and the nearby M6 Toll. The current proposal is for a new dual two-lane road linking M54 junction 1 with M6 junction 11, including free-flowing links to the M54 and improvements to the roundabout at J12. This will effectively form a bypass of the existing A460 between those points.

Creation of this link has been a serious proposal for over a decade, and was initially to be funded by the concessionaires who operate the M6 Toll as part of a refinancing deal. However, the M6 Toll will no longer be providing any of the funding and as a result the new road will not extend east of the M6 - though it will, indirectly, still provide much improved connections between the M54 and M6 Toll.

In preparation
New road
for use by all traffic
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14 July 2006

Public exhibitions are held in the area to view the proposals.

16 July 2010

According to the Shropshire Star this has been put on hold, pending the current spending review.

30 October 2010

Following the autumn spending review, the DfT has stated that it will seek to improve the design and sequence of work for this scheme.

20 January 2012

According to a BBC News report, Telford and Wrekin Council will launch a campaign today in support of this scheme.

2 October 2014

The Highways Agency has started a consultation on the scheme and published three options for the link. The Government has confirmed funding for this link if developer contributions come in.

13 September 2017

A public consultation will run from 15 September to 13 October 2017. Three modified options will be presented for consultation. The timescale for the project now suggests construction between 2021 and 2024, which will put the start of work eleven years after it was originally supposed to happen.

17 September 2017

The new consultation has opened. Three free-flowing options are presented: Option B, an offline upgrade of the A460, and two versions of Option C, a new road adjacent to the M6 flowing directly into a widened M54. It is not clear if these options would be constructed to expressway or even motorway standard.

(The dropped options are A, a partially online upgrade to the A460 which would have routed traffic via the existing J11, and the original version of C, which would have sent traffic along the M6 itself and made J10a a full-access junction.)

10 June 2019

A consultation on the preferred route, a direct link between M54 J1 and M6 J12, will run until early July.

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