M62 J20-25 Smart Motorway

Scheme outline

Upgrade of the existing M62 between junction 20 (the A627(M) at Rochdale) and junction 25 (the A644 at Brighouse) to Smart Motorway standard.

The upgraded motorway will have improved communications and monitoring equipment, and will operate All Lane Running, meaning the hard shoulder will be converted to a fourth permanent running lane. The finished motorway will have no hard shoulder and emergency refuge areas will be installed at regular intervals.

The scheme will complete the provision of four continuous lanes on the M62 between Manchester and Leeds, complementing previous Smart Motorway upgrades west of junction 20 and east of junction 25.

This scheme is part of the Smart Motorways programme of works.

In preparation
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under motorway restrictions
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31 December 2019

Vegetation clearance along the verge is now underway at a number of locations along the route. Once completed, work will start to strengthen the hard shoulder where required. This will require overnight lane closures, and the hard shoulder on both carriageways will be permanently closed during this work. These advanced works are due to be completed at the end of February.

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