M621 Junctions 1 to 7

Scheme outline

Improvements to a range of junctions on the M621, to be constructed as a single coordinated scheme. Despite the name of the project, the improvement work will take place specifically at junctions 2, 2A, 3 and 7 of the motorway and the other junctions will not be affected.

The purpose of the scheme is to improve journey time reliability and capacity on the motorway, and the capacity of the junctions has been identified as the main cause of delays. In the main, the capacity of the motorway itself will not be altered. However, Highways England do include "improved technology" throughout the M621 as one of the benefits of the scheme; this may mean new electronic matrix signs and perhaps the provision of variable speed limits.

The works break down into five main parts:

  • At junction 2, widening the roundabout to provide three lanes, and construction of new left turn sliproads to and from the A643 Ingram Distributor to the north.
  • At junction 2A, closure of the westbound off-slip (meaning that this junction will consist only of an eastbound entry sliproad in future).
  • Provision of a third lane on the M621 westbound from junction 3 to junction 2.
  • Reduction of the westbound on-slip at junction 3 to one lane, and providing a second lane on the M621 westbound approaching the merge point.
  • Widening parts of the circulatory system at junction 7, and provision of a third lane on the off-slip from the M621 eastbound.
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Junction improvement
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