M74 J5 Improvement

Scheme outline

Reconstruction of the existing interchange at M74 J5, which at present is a simple grade-separated roundabout. A new underpass 625 metres (683 yards) in length will allow the A725 to bypass the roundabout, with existing approaches to the roundabout becoming links from the new dual carriageway. The A725 will be realigned over a total length of 1.8 Km (1.1 miles).

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2014 - 2017
Junction improvement
with parts under motorway restrictions
Highway authority
Scottish Executive


14 March 2006

Draft orders have been published, marking the beginning of the legal process. Comments from the public have been invited.

26 May 2010

Although the relevant planning stages for this project are complete, the start of the statutory process has been delayed pending the results of the public enquiry into the M8 Baillieston to Newhouse Scheme. Ministers are considering the benefits of combining these two schemes together with other M8/M73/M74 network improvement schemes into a single contract, to be funded by a 'non-profit-distributing' model. The statutory process is expected to conclude in Autumn 2010, at which point the procurement options will be considered.

15 January 2011

Road orders were raised on the 11th of January. A timescale for the scheme has yet to be confirmed.

22 December 2011

The Scottish Government confirm that they will seek invitations to tender and expect construction to commence late 2013, with an expected completion date of 2017.

30 March 2012

The procurement process starts today.

19 October 2014

Work has started to the side of the roundabout.

17 November 2016

The roundabout is now in its final alignment, the underpass has started to be finished off and footbridges now being moved into place. Resurfacing is being done in patches but there are noticeable changes each week now.

18 February 2017

The underpass underneath the M74 opened on 16th February, meaning the A725 now has uninhibited flow from East Kilbride to the A8.

3 May 2017

The scheme is finished and the new underpass is fully open to traffic.

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