A453 Widening M1-A52 18 July 2015

Upgrade of the existing single two-lane route, which forms the main gateway into Nottingham from the South and the West Midlands. The route will be mostly dual two-lane with grade separated junctions, but reduces briefly to single four-lane approaching Clifton where land space is restricted. This last section will have at-grade roundabout junctions. Grade separated junctions will serve Ratcliffe Power Station, Barton-in-Fabis, and a potential Park and Ride site. The dualled section will terminate at Crusader Roundabout.


M1 J24 Improvement 10 April 2015

Improvement of the A50 approach to J24 of the M1, currently a simple roundabout which forms a significant bottleneck.

The improvement will provide a path through the roundabout, controlled by traffic signals, to allow A50 to M1 South traffic to avoid the roundabout altogether and join the M1 at junction 23A.